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Sonepia Borum A.K.A Butterfly🦋Goddess777 💕

sonepia borum a k a butterfly goddess777

Hi 👋 my name is Senopia but I’m known as Butterflygoddess777 I am a empathetic intelligence leader who has been in contact with the others young women over the years because of being in Foster Care when I was younger and I’ve learned. There is a lot of Great women & young women like me overlooked & I want to be the voice/Face of change. The voice that you can change your story or the outcome of your life if you change your perspective and your self worth. My mission is to help my sleeping Butterfly 🦋 wake up and see how Beautiful we all are because so many of us have forgotten, So I was sent here to remind us that We are simply Amazing just the way YOU ARE💖🦋💞

Additional Information

Email: Sonepia
City: Newport News
State: Va
Facebook Handle/Url: SonepiaBorum
Instagram Handle/Url: Butterflygoddess777