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Racquel Cooney

racquel cooney

My name is Racquel Cooney I AM a 23 yr. Old singer, actor, writer (expressionist), current college student, and founder of thee "Beyond Peculiar Movement". Beyond Peculiar is a movement that encourages Individuals to be true to their AUTHENTIC selves whom God has created them to be. I am a true and firm believer of true representation, and that all representation should be rooted in authenticity. Authenticity is a derived reflection of PURE BEAUTY. LUSH PINK is the ultimate source of PURE, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY. It defies all conformity(ies) of what beauty should look like, and embraces the beauty in the eyes of the beholder. LUSH is where it's at hunty (lol) they embrace the KINKY, Love the CURLY, & also admire the STRAIGHT. So If I were to let the world in on a little secret it would simply be this, "I believe that the apple of every womans eye is LUSH PINK"

Below Is A Beautiful Poem written by Monique Echols (my beautiful mother). It epitomizes the beauty and strength of women, their beautiful hair textures, and the phenomenal products by LUSH PINK.


I know I’m cute!
Even if you can’t get with the style of my roots

Wearing my hair kinky and nappy
This is a sure sign that I am happy

Happy with who I am!

And I won’t hesitate to mention
How my hair draws such a crowd of attention

So, go ahead wear your hair fine
But don’t look down on mine

This hair is inherited from a powerful nation
This first look of the original creation

Oh… how you admire my woven weave
Wishing you could get the strings of your hair to cleave

This beauty is from a look you could only imagine
With styles created from all kinds of patterns

This hair is the best by far!
It can’t be imitated or produced from a jar

The hair that comes with many shades of skin
Light and dark browns, with a Mocha spin

Oh…what beauty radiates when I walk
My words are strong and assertive when I talk

Please don’t fear my flamboyant gear
Things aren’t always the way they appear

This hair does not define me
But it will sure leave a lasting impression behind me

It’s all a part of my eccentric nature
Making me unique from every creature!

~Monique Cooney Echols
Copyright © 11/2016

Additional Information

City: Warren
State: MI
Facebook Handle/Url: Racquel Peculiar Cooney
Instagram Handle/Url: shuggrocs_the_peculiar_one