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Michaela Ross

michaela ross

My name is Michaela Ross I got by Kayla or Kay. I love natural black hair. I big chopped 11 months ago and decided to learn my hair for the first time as an adult. I got my first relaxer when I was 9 and ever since I’ve felt like my natural hair wasn’t good enough. I thought it was too thick and too mappy. Not anymore!! I love my fro and I love learning more about my hair type. I have low porosity hair which means products do not work into my hair they just sit on top. Pink lotion is one of the few products that has enough moisture to help my hair stay moisturized. I love styling my natural hair and I love using Lusters Pink hair line! I am currently in my final year at school studying to get my degree in economics and I plan to open a business when I graduate! I want to let black girls know it’s okay to love your hair even if it takes a bit more work to get there!

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City: Denver
State: CO
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