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Llauryn Hendrix

llauryn hendrix

Hi, I’m from Huntsville Alabama and moved to Atlanta three almost 4 years ago. I want to explore my options and use my talents to see if I could really make it following my dreams after sooo many times my family looked at me crazy for it. I’m a personality, actress and model I’m very driven and focused on the bigger picture of like which is happiness. I remember when I was a little girl pink oil was the only thing my mother used on my hair. The light smell used to smell sooo good to me. I used to smell my hair all day after a fresh press and my mom bit the pink oil on my hair moisturizer is apart of my best memories as a child. Even now to this day I we still buy this product because it keeps my hair soo hydrated and smelling good. It also gives such and awesome shine without weighting my hair down. I’m very happy to be apart of this movement of this awesome product.

Additional Information

City: Atlanta
State: Ga
Snapchat Handle/Url: Llauryn1
Facebook Handle/Url: iamllauryn
Twitter Handle/Url: iamllauryn
Instagram Handle/Url: iamllauryn