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Kwashenda C Gillispie

kwashenda c gillispie

Hello. My name is kwashenda Gillispie but everyone calls me Kaci. I am a mother of three beautiful children. I'm a wife to an amazing man.

I am a Four year Army Active duty Veteran. As well as a five year Army reserve veteran. I love to help people. I am the owner of my very own Photography business. Great thing about that it showed me how to model. I have been modeling for about a year now. I have created a brand called BIYOW (Beautiful In Your Own Way). I want people to see they can be beautiful the way they were born.

I just graduated college with my certification in Medical Assistant. One of the many certification's I have. I start back next month to finish the degree in the medical field. To complete my fourth degree.

You can basically say I learn fast and is a jack of all trades.

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City: Augusta
State: Georgia
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