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Havan Temesghen

havan temesghen

Hello curly sisters! I am an avid learner thats loves all things natural! Self love and expelling positive energy are certainly what shape outgoing personality. I have refrained from heat for multiple years now and have Pink to thank for that. Going curly I must say is life changing, especially when you have the right products to back you up (the hair pudding is my favorite omg). Becoming the face of a product I so hold dear to my heart, and literally use as often as my toothbrush would be a blessing above all else. Good luck to all of you gorgeous ladies!

Additional Information

City: Acworth
State: Georgia
Snapchat Handle/Url: purely_havan
Facebook Handle/Url: Havan Temesghen
Twitter Handle/Url: purely_havan
Instagram Handle/Url: purely.havan