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Courtney Blackwell

courtney blackwell

Eeeek. I get so excited to tell anything about myself because it’s such a divine feeling when you finally know who you are as a woman and I don’t say that lightly because we as woman people surpace how we feel or who we are. But, my name is Courtney most call me Co. I am from Louisiana. I honestly just started living for myself and being confident within myself and I think it shows. I love nothing more than to make other women feel exactly the way I feel I love to give light and love! We see it so rarely in the black community. I’m probably saying a little more than what you guys were expecting but I wanted to give you a clear perspective of who I am and what I represent.

Additional Information

City: Lafayette
State: Louisiana
Snapchat Handle/Url: Co_bee
Facebook Handle/Url: Courtney Blackwell
Twitter Handle/Url: Co_b
Instagram Handle/Url: Co_b