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Amber “Ladii” Malone

amber ldquo ladii rdquo malone

I am a 29yr mommy and makeup and hair enthusiast! I use Luster’s Pink Lotion daily and have for years so entering this was a no brainer. It does my hair justice as you can see here.. About me, I have a small intimate platform for makeup pics, live tutorials and fun giveaways on Facebook and Instagram and Youtube as : @LadiibuggLovesBeauty! (Shameless promo lol) And while Im no pro in the beauty department Luster’s Pink Lotion makes it easy to look like one lol! I do think Im a decent example of the ideal everyday woman .. just striving to look good and be great! Id love to win this competition, but even if I dont, I took a step towards that greatness!!

Additional Information

City: Portland
State: Oregon
Snapchat Handle/Url: MsLadiiBugg
Facebook Handle/Url:
Twitter Handle/Url: @ForeverLadii
Instagram Handle/Url: