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Alaygr Wells

alaygr wells

Hi My name is Alaygra Wells, and I’m from Atlanta Georgia. I”m a senior in college who is majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Art. I am down to earth, funny, outgoing, sociable, sporty girl with a bomb personality. On my free time, I love reading, hanging out with friends and family as well as meeting new people. I was raised on using all “Pink” hair products growing up from my mom. The fruity girly, smell is that attracted me to it. It has always made my hair soft shiny and healthy and dont forget smelling amazing! It would truly be an honor to be the face of such an phenomenal popular hair care line that has had tremendous success in the hair care industry over the pass years. To be apart of a highly known line would mean so much to me. Thank you so much for this amazing hair care line❤️

Additional Information

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Snapchat Handle/Url: Alaygra24
Facebook Handle/Url: Alaygra Wells
Twitter Handle/Url: @Alaygra_Miller
Instagram Handle/Url: Alaygra Wells